About Us
Dave Wheatley Commodore
Dave Blakeley Captain
Alan Twelftree Music Director
Rob Sowerby Big O/D
Jacquie Hall Smee
Chris Hall Boatswain
Steve Earwicker Stoker
Pete Watts Look Out
Kevin Brooks PR
Pippa Daniels Purser
It is the stated aim of Wareham Whalers to have fun singing in the company of friends, and if we can raise money for a good cause then that is a bonus. If at any time it stops being fun we are agreed that the group will end. In that event, any money held in the bank account will pass to the MS committee.
Dave Wheatley

Originally from Leicester, about as far from the sea as you can get in this country. 20 odd years working in advertising in London's West End. Now lives in Wareham. Also member of Wareham Court Leet and Purbeck Mummers. Formed the Whalers in 2004.

Dave Blakeley
Ship's Surgeon

Retired primary school headteacher. As well as belonging to this motley crew, he is a Dorset Buttons Rapper, at Christmas a Purbeck Mummer and a member of Swanage Folk Festival, organising the many Morris sides that descend on the town every September.

. Alan Twelftree
Music Director
Available Seaman

Retired civil engineer, now enjoying two hobbies: sailing and folk music - singing (voice like a foghorn which is also useful when sailing), dancing and playing the button accordion.


Jacquie Hall

Jacquie a (now retired) Council worker for 25+ years, and a grandmother. Also the Wareham Town Crier, Mini lover, Whaler and no need to add, but also a wonderful wife and mother!!


Rob Sowerby
Big O/D

12 years in the Navy left him with a vast repertoire of 5 songs, all far too ribald for public consumption. Having indulged in many styles of A'capella, he has now completed a full circle and is back to singing with a pint in one hand. Multilingual: English, Irish, Yiddish & Rubbish. The more beer, the further towards the right he gets.

Chris Hall

Chris a retired precision engineer, and an MG enthusiast who took 12 years to renovate a Midget! He is Betsy for Dorset Button Rapper, and Mother to the Purbeck Mummers. Also boatswain to the Whalers and not afraid to use his starter on the scurvy crew.

Steve Earwicker

Dorset Buttons Morris dancer, rapper sword dancer, step dancer, melodeon player, drummer, shanty singer, West Gallery Choir singer, choir conductor, fireman on Swanage Railway.

Pete Watts
Look Out

Being press-ganged by the Whalers saved him from a life of misery as a folk singer.

Kevin Brooks
PR & Cook

Kevin is Director at BrooksKebbey Limited. He joined the Whalers in 2011 and has claimed that this was a turning point in his life which hitherto had been songless and beerless!

Pippa Daniels

Having spent the last few years sharing the title of ‘number one fan’ with official photographer Sue Kemp, Pippa threw caution to the wind and joined the Whalers in Feb 2018. Apart from also singing with Local Vocals and No Direction, Pippa is a Director of Poole Town FC.