Live at Kimmeridge
Haul Together
Live at Kimmeridge
Wareham Whalers
Release date May 2015

Down Trinidad
Round the Corner Sally
Gallant Ship
Dogger Bank
Dead Horse
Bridport Ladies (Valerie Hall & Alan Twelftree)
General Taylor
Grey Funnel Line
When the Boat Comes In
Pique la Baleine
Marching Inland (Tom Lewis)
Roll the Cotton Down
Yella Girls
Heave & Haul Away (David Blakeley)
The Diamond
All for me grog
CD £8.00 plus £2.00 post & package.
Haul Together
Wareham Whalers
Release date June 2013

Banks of the Sacramento (lyrics)
Clear away the track (& let the bulgine run) (lyrics)
Haul on the bowline (lyrics)
Haul 'er away (lyrics)
The Noah's Ark Shanty (lyrics)
Herzogin Cecilie (Ken Stephens) (lyrics)
Hanging Johnny (lyrics)
Heave away me Johnnies! (lyrics)
One more day (lyrics)
Rio Grande (lyrics)
Rosabella (lyrics)
Cornish Farewell Shanty (lyrics)
Sail away ladies (lyrics)
Mister Stormalong (lyrics)
Won't you go my way (lyrics)

CD £8.00 plus £2.00 post & package.